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Hello everyone. Long time lots new. Well I am back and ready to try and keep you up to date again. I guess the best thing I could do is get everyone up to date for this year.

Let us start with Christmas 1999. Another wonderful holiday with our family and friends. To see some pictures of Abby and M.I.S.T. click here. To see some other Christmas pictures click here.

Next was New Years 2000. The start of a new everything. To see some pictures from that click here.

Over Easter week we took a family trip to see my nephew Don and his wife Jen and of course their terrific children Tye and Abby. We flew into Los Angeles and spent the night in Santa Monica. We did it this way so Ashley could see L.A. and the ocean, which she did. Click here to see some pictures of Hollywood or click here to see some pictures of the ocean. We then drove to Tucson to Don & Jen's house. We then took a trip to see the Grand Canyon. It was beautiful and big. Worth the trip to see once in your lifetime. Click here for some pictures. They really do not do the Grand Canyon justice though. We also stayed at a place called the Canyon Inn. It was very nice. To see some pictures from then click here. Also get to see Abby swimming. During our stay with Don & Jen we took a day trip to Phoenix to see Jen's old friends Chris and Mike. Chris is an old friend from high school. They have a beautiful home and family. Our trip home was uneventful except we were all glad to be home and in our own surroundings. We also got to see where Don works. To see some pictures click here.

In early June we got to take another family vacation. Marcia, Jen's sister, was finishing up her year as president of the National Association of Insurance Women or NAIW. This was being held in Kansas City and we were very proud to see Marcia stepping down. To see some pictures click here. After we left there we went of Oklahoma City to see the memorial. This was very emotional. To see the fence where people have place many, many things in memory of the people that were killed for no reason was very touching. To see some pictures of the memorial click here. We then back through St. Louis to see the Arch. That was BIG. We did not go up into the Arch but it was still amazing. For pictures click here. Again it was a wonderful vacation.

That was pretty much the highlights of our year. We have been swimming some but the weather has not been that warm. Sorry about that to everyone but this is the our first year with the pool so of course it wouldn't be very warm. Maybe it will hit 90 degrees yet. Ashley is looking forward to school to start, so she can start 8th grade. One more year and then high school. She is growing up so fast. If you check out here picture from the NAIW area you can see that it is hard to believe she is still only 13. Such a lady already.

It was amazing being at the Brewers last game at County Stadium. It was great that Jen, Ashley and I were able to go. Also Jeff, Raymond and a friend of Jeff's were able to come down from Point and go. A wonderful and touching time was had by all. Click here to see some pictures from the final home stand. Also you can click here for some pictures from the final game at County Stadium.

It is now October and Halloween is right around the corner. First we are going to Point this weekend to celebrate Aunt Bell and Uncle Chub's 60th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it, 60 years of marriage, if only we all can be so lucky. I am hoping to have pictures soon from the festivities but in the mean time here is a link to Jen's page were she has pictures from the scrap book she did for them. 

Well we are back from our weekend of partying in point. Click here to see some pictures from a great party. Everyone had a wonderful time. Talk about some dancing going on, click here to see what I mean. 

Had some bad news on the 24th of October. My mom (Shirley) had a heart attack. She is doing great already and it is only the next day. The Doctor described it as a 'Large Heart Attack'. Not sure what that really means but it was not good. The artery in the back of the heart was completely blocked up. They had to do the surgery where they use the balloon to open it up and then put a piece in there to keep it open. I know this isn't very technical but I'm a programmer not a Doctor. But speaking of Doctors, one of team of Doctors graduated with Doctor Don my nephew. So he had Don call him to get all of the technical stuff. The bottom line is that everything went the best it could. Mom called 911, with the help of Joanne, right away, the artery that was blocked was the best one to have problems with, surgery went well and no other blockages were found. Mom should be going home tomorrow (Thursday the 26th). Now she will be quitting smoking and making other more healthier choices for things. We are all very thankful that it all worked out this way.

I will try to keep this updated better than I have but no promises. 

Well as of today I am caught up with all the pictures I have. We still need to develop some from our camera but that is Jen's area. I did put a updated date at the beginning so you will know to look for new stuff. Hope you like it. Also what do you thing of the new albums for pictures that I used for the Brewer stuff? Let me know. I will also try to change colors for new stuff. Let me know how that works also. Any interest in getting an e-mail whenever I change something? I could do that if any interest. Also how often should I clear out old stuff? Should I keep everything on for a year? Have the past year linked to somewhere else? Also should I have the latest news first and go backwards through the year? That would make seeing the new stuff easier but looking through the year would be weird. Just looking for some feedback. By the way our open house is tentatively scheduled for December 16th. Mark your calendars.

I have found a way to add links to a page that anyone can see and use. I thought I would set it up here and try it out. Let me know what you think.



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