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Welcome to the Charles Tepp and Leo Niemczyk Family Trees Web Site. Take some time to browse the family trees. They are both the same but start up with the parents of Leon Tepp and Sylvia Niemczyk (Kunst). The information on the Niemczyk side was provided my Mary Konop (Bialas) granddaughter of Leo Niemczyk. The Tepp information was started from the Tepp family reunion paperwork of 1991. There over 1200 names contained on this family tree, amazing this all started with Charles and Leo.

Also included in the trees but not directly from this page, is the Napruszewski Family Tree. This is where I had started but branched out into my wife Jenifer's family, the Tepp's which also grew into the Niemczyk side from Mary.

There probably is incorrect information and I will apolagize now for anything that is wrong, but if you give me the correct information I will gladly update these family trees. Also if there is any births, deaths or anything else let me know and I will add it. You can also let Mary know of anything that needs to be changed or added. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page.

I hope you enjoy getting to know YOUR FAMILY.

If any one is interested in a free E-Mail account with yourname@teppfamily.com let me know. I have access to a number of accounts.

Also this site is being worked on a lot right now. If something really looks funny check back in a day or two and see if that fixed it. If not let me know. Thanks.

****** Below you will also see links to other family things. This can be anything we want it to be. I am starting off with a couple links about Ashley McNamara. If there are things you want the family to be able to see, like photos, blogs or anything else on the web, let me know and I will add a link here. Enjoy!!!.

Charles Tepp Family Tree

Leo Niemczyk Family Tree

Ken Napruszewski/Jenifer (Tepp) Napruszewski familytree@teppfamily.com

Mary Konop familytree@teppfamily.com

Links to other Family Things

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