...aside from this picture, here's a bunch of other stuff I like.

A: Ashley, The Ataris, AMI,  A Walk To Remember (Nicholas Sparks), The Amber Dance! AP Euro, All-American Rejects, AFI

B: boys, Butterfly (my swim stroke), bubbles., biting, bats, brownies, backpacks, Brand New

C: Cats, Children of Eden, Charlie Brown (ah the memories), Chelsie, Clue, Cheese, cream soda, Colin Farrell, Cyndi Lauper, Mr. Comiskey

D: Dune, Duncan Idaho,  dogs, Dashboard Confessional. drama, dreams, Derek (hah), Daredevil, Doc Marten's

E: energy, evil, English Literature, English Class, England, Elves, Evanescence

F: flirt, fettuccini alfredo, Francesca Lia Block, fairy tales, Finch, Friends

G: girly, GUITARS, The Goonies, Grant Park, Ghanima

H: happy, Harry Potter, hair, Harvard

I: Insane (very very insane), Intelligent, Indiana Jones

J: Jack (for always), jelly beans, James Bond, JUJUBEES!!!!, Jean Grey

K: kittens,  Katie, Kevin, Kim (my sexy ear topless dancer)

L: Lifehouse, Leto Atreides II, Looney Tunes, Lord of the Rings, Legolas, LiveWire Mountain Dew, loser

M:  The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded (*drools*)  The Mummy, the Mummy Returns, Maggie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, M-dogg, money, Moulin Rouge, Madison

N: Nail Polish, <3Neo<3, Nick

O: Oregon, Orange, Oliver Wood, Orlando Bloom (*sizzle*), Ocean Avenue

P: Pizza, the phone, panda bears, the Playboy bunny, Providence

Q: Quest

R: raspberries, ramen noodles, Romeo and Juliet, Robert, Renee, Ron, Rogue, River Phoeniz, retard

S: Saves the Day, swim, sugar, suckers, sunshine, Shakespeare, Shane West, Scorpion King, Spiderman, Sam, Star Wars (opening day baby!), smiles, stephy, shopping, STARTING LINE, Scott, Storm, Stand By Me, Sarah Strehlow, Stilgar, Sietch Tabr, Sandworms

T: turtles, Toby Maguire, TRAVIS (happy now???)

U: ungrateful? under age! lol US History!

V: vampires, Ve Ri Tas

W: wild, Warped Tour, West Side Story, Weetzie Bat Books, Woodstock, Wolverine

X: X-Men, X2: X-Men Unite

Y: young, YOU!, Yellowcard

Z: the zoo