Good-bye Boston!

The airport wait was uneventful, except I spilled Skittles everywhere, and the security guys kept laughing and me and they kept telling each other about it and pointing at me. It was kind of amusing but really embarrassing at the same time.

Me and my super-cool Harvard shirt. It's so true you know. Someday I'll go to Harvard and be a swimmer there...they do have a swim team that's really good!

Staci thought the carpet at the airport was she took a picture of it. with my camera.

Staci before we left. and she's wearing my hat!

I think I had yet again stolen Kyle's mp3 player and was listening to it to stay awake. too early in the morning.

Staci napping before the flight on top of Britta. We were all very tired.

Me....doing I dunno. I was wearing the hat over the little bun on my head, lol.

Universe Princess Chaperone Barbie Erin sleeping on the aeroplane home.

Staci sleeping......

Jesi sleeping...isn't it cute?

Kristen sleeping.....

Amanda sleeping, and Elyse sleeping on top of her teddy bear.

I think this is Carrie and Erica sleeping.

I took a lot of pictures of people sleeping. And that's where it ends. depressing isn't it?


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