After I found out that the retard administrators at our school wouldn't let Maddi come up and shadow me, I got real sad and angry and so did Maddi and Andy cuz you know we all tyte and what not. So Andy asked me that Friday if I wanted to do something and I said sure, and then he goes, wanna go visit Maddi? and I was so all YOU BET!!! So we got directions and we drove there. Andy is the only guy I know that I could cruise down the highway with singing Madonna. It is all about Like A Virgin. Maddi had her camera and the following pictures are the madness that went on.

The three of us before we left. I took the picture...I think because I was the only one with arms long enough to get all three of us in. It's a cute picture.

As we were walking down the street, we came upon this mailbox. It's THE mailbox, as in Mailbox from Blue's Clues. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, and Maddi was like, do you want your picture taken with it? I was all over that. It's way cool.

On our walk, we just decided to go to Timmy's. I had never met Timmy, but I felt like I knew Timmy because I had heard a lot about him. So yep we added a fourth member to the madness.

Here we are walking down the street. We had no particular direction, but kind of ended up going to this park...


Where Andy jumped on the sign and clung for dear life. Maddi is talking to Timmy, who got cut out of the picture. But yes...Andy is a frisky fellow. The park had swings...and that was the coolest thing ever.

Maddi took my picture on the swings because she said my hair looked cool. I think I'll have to agree because it does look pretty neat-o. My eyes look uber blue too.

It took Maddi a couple of times to get a picture of Timmy jumping off the swing, it was pretty funny. She finally got it, and it looks really awesome.

Andy playing with the woodchips. It looks really cool, like it's snowing really big chunks of something. He was amused. It was cute.

Then there was this teeter-totter sort of thing. Me and Timmy were on the little kid side....

and Maddi and Andy were on the grown up side because they didn't have the little bar for their feet. my hair kind of got in the picture and that's sad :( Timmy stood on the thing in the middle and got it going real bouncy and wild and we were bouncing all over the place and it kind of hurt but it was really fun.

I tried to swing on the thingy but my legs were too long and my knees touched the ground, but it was really fun. The picture is cool too. Go Boy Scout shirt!

Timmy was standing on the top of the slide and almost falling down and Maddi wanted a picture. It looks cool.

At the time, Andy was laying inside of the slide, so Maddi took a picture of him too.

I had slid down and was laying in a different slide so she took a picture of me too. I should've grabbed the camera and made her go in a slide so we could get a picture of her too...dumb to think of that now.

Then me Maddi and Andy were sitting inside this little house because it hard started to rain a little bit and Timmy looked in one of the holes in the side of it and I tried to poke him and then Maddi took a picture. I have this thing about poking people. It makes them all nervous and I think it's funny.

It started raining really hard, and Timmy's friend Dan was there and he took us home so we didn't have to walk in the pouring rain. We hung out at Maddi's for a little bit more, and then we were like, hey, if Ryne's working, let's go visit him at Dairy Queen. He was working, we found out from Sadie (she's uber cute and her and Ryne are uber cuter.) and I walked in first and he was surprised and it was funny. I got  a big bear hug and then everyone got hugs from each other, it was funny, and we got free ice cream. We all talked and gossiped. It was great. Andy and me had to get going quickly, so we said buh bye, took Maddi home, and started on our way. We got home in half an hour...haha. It was a great night and I was SO happy that we went. it was awesome.

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