Homecoming 2003

I could go and get all creative like last year and make different pages for everything, but...yea I'm not going to that.


Obviously, me.

Theeeeeereeeeeee's Scottie! and doesn't he look so absolutely ready to party. You betcha!

There's me and Kevin, Kim's brother, my future husband, who I am going to marry just so I can be related to Kim. hahahahahaha

In a past life, me and Scott were ganstas together, jamming along the highway and showing off our bling bling. hey, it could happen. We sure look it, don't we?

Is there a tilt in this picture? I thought so too.

Me and my "daughter" Emily. The father is a secret hehehe. She's a doll.

Definitely a smile only Kim could love.

Chris and me, the mafia man and his starlet. Haha. He really does look like a member of the mafia though. He even has battle scars and stuff. Hm....

Mike being Dr. Evil with Jaks as Mr. Bigglesworth. Eerily similar.

Kelly and me, at the dance. Right before we all went in and got all sweaty. She looked gorgeous, huh?

Carmen and me...of course, Carmen looks like she's naked, but hey, so what!

Now, I know we all knew that Scot Sroka was a pimp loooong before this, but now we've got proof.


Allison and me on the left, and Britta and me on the right. They were my two Boston buddies and the funnest craziest girls you will ever meet.

Tolga took this picture in an effort to be creative, and did a pretty good job. It's a cool picture of me and Kevin. Industrial looking. Makes Kevin's hair look like it goes really high.

Kim...me and Kevin have a secret! haha just kidding!

Mike hiding under the blankets. Disturbed? yea we were too.

mmm chug that Easy Cheese Kim!!!!!

Talk about a daily beating, huh? First I choke him and then I smack him. what injustice!

Then we go and make his hair stand up with about a million bajillion bobby pins! way fun!

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