P. F. Chang's and the Birthday Surprise

After spending a disappointing but fun day in Salem, it was time to go out to dinner before heading to The Nutcracker. That night we were headed to a Chinese restaurant called P.F. Changs. I'd heard lots of good things about it and I love Chinese food so I was excited. Plus, it was my birthday, of course I was going to be giddy all day. I didn't think anyone was going to do anything for my birthday that night at dinner...boy oh boy was I surprised.

Jess M. and me before we left

me before we left...don't remember what I was doing. but hey, no underwear lines!!!! haha, that's dirty.

me and Katie on the T on the way to the restaurant. We had a thing about certain stops on the subway because they reminded us of the Matrix when Smith and Neo fight, lol. 

Don't we look like a happy bunch?

At least Brittany and Allison look happy! cheese!!!!

Then things got a bit wild...for me at least...I got a little umbrella to put in my hair :)

yep, I'm a true dancer.

This one is hard to explain. Lets just say...my hands are painted colors and they're fireworks. The only people who will really find this funny are Jesi and Lissard because they were there when it happened. Ah, funny stuff.

Next, I was surprised by a cake. Apparently, my parents had called the restaurant and it was arranged for cakes to be there for me the night we went. I was very surprised and I got quite teary. The cakes were really really good.


It says Happy Birthday Ashley on the little tan wafer thing. yum...chocolate

mmm...chocolatye lips...don't ya just want to smooch them? lol probably not. Even though...the chocolate did taste really really good. When all the devouring of cake was done, we left to go to The Nutcracker. But that's coming soon.

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