There and Back Again:

A Choir Tale

     This year, the OCHS choir's annual "choral trip" was going to be to Boston. Unusually, this year it was open to non-seniors and non-show choir kids. Since I'd always wanted to go to Boston, I leaped and danced around and clapped for joy and begged for a chance to go. The catch: it was over Christmas break. Over my birthday. After all the kinks were worked out, it was decided that I could go. I did have to give up spending time with my dad over Christmas, but he said that was okay because he gets me for three weeks in Germany this summer. I'm so glad that I decided to go, because it was honestly the trip of a lifetime. You can go right down the list, they all go in chronological order. 

The Way There

The Aquarium

The Prudential Tower

Borders Performance

Hard Rock and Blue Man

J.F.K. and Star Wars


Cheesecake Factory


The House of the Seven Gables

P. F. Chang's and a Birthday Surprise

The Nutcracker

The Trip Home

*****But now, the THING YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR....THE Handshake of Boston

It's finally all done!!!!!!!!

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