The Not-so-Secret HandShake:

A Boston Exclusive


Step 1: Spread the aura

Origin: after school, when Staci and I were going to her car, if I was in a really good mood and had a lot of energy I would do this to spread my "aura" and my energy at everyone in the parking lot...we just kind of picked this up as the first step.

Step 2: Free the MIND

Origin: I don't remember how this happened, but this was also previous to the trip and I added it after spread the aura. I think it had something to do with the Matrix at the time.


Origin: sometime at the airport. It was something I did that Allison did again and then it just...added on...this was the beginning of it becoming...what it is

Step 4: Oh my Sister!

Origin: after the first night, Staci was like "geeze Ashley you slept practically on top of me!" I have to say, that I am a heat magnet. If you're warm, I'm right next to you. After she said that, all of the sudden, Allison goes, "oh my sister!" and stopped. She meant to finish it and say that her sister did the same thing, but it was so funny, we just kept saying. We just sort of took it and went with it, and instead of saying "oh my God!" or whatever, we said "oh my sister!" instead. Good times.

Step 5: BrAiNtReE

Origin: the train on the T that we normally had to get on was "Braintree." one of us tried to figure out what a braintree would be, and so it became that. I think this was everybody on the trips favorite because when the handshake came up this was the one they would do. Probably the most hilarious imitator was Mr. Thompson doing this....I thought I was going to cry I was laughing so hard. He sounded just like Bullwinkle.

Step 6: Hello?

Origin: This came about because Allison was teasing Britta about how she always answered the phone sounding really confused, like she had no idea why she was speaking into this...machine. it's quite funny.

Step 7: Emotion-biscuit

Origin: blue man group. they do this part...where they are wearing those...signs on their heads like they have outside of banks and stuff that say things, and one of them was talking about how he felt like he had this huge "emotion-biscuit" stuck in his trachea that was choking him. we found emotion-biscuit funny...came up with a motion...the madness ensues.

Step 8: PHIL! *snap finger while saying*

Origin: lets not talk about why Phil, but it's supposed to be said in a hickish voice. very fun.

Step 8: raaaiiinnnbooowww

Origin: There's a wall in one of the subway stations painted a whole bunch of different colors...and we were just like "raaainnnbooww" and yea...that's what happened.

The Final Step: Step 9: BLUE MAN!!!

Origin: at the end of the Blue Man Show, they stuck their arms straight in the air at all parts of the audience. found this amusing. looked good as a final movement.


Most people on the trip remember us doing this. Yes, we ARE insane, thank you very much. ;)

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