Salem was really disappointing. It's more a sea town than a historic landmark. They didn't even have that much on the witch trial's or anything. There was lots of weird little witchcraft stores all over the place, and if we had had time we all would've gone and got our palms read or something. It's a pretty town...just not very interesting. I did get a few good books but that's about it.

This was just some random buildings. all very very old. Colonial style builds too.

This guy, was the first settler in Salem. His name was Sam something or other. It was a very big scary and tall imposing statue.

This was a little house sitting in the middle of a parking lot. what is up with that? what is it for? It's too small to be a garage, and it wasn't next to a house, so it isn't a guest house or a storage area. It looks to nice to be only for storage. What is it????

This is the witch museum. It was dumb. Really cool building though. Can you tell it used to be a church? It's not obvious at all huh?

Purple sign! I win! In Boston, whenever we saw something purple...for example, a purple car, you'd yell "purple car! I win!" and the Salem Station sign was purple so we all got a kick out of that. We had to take a train for about 45 minutes out of Boston to get to Salem. The train ride there was uneventful, I went to sleep. On the way back me and Jessica listened to the guy's conversation behind us. It was...funny. But I won't say more than that. Anyways...

I don't remember what we were doing, but we just thought the sign that said "The waiting is over" was funny. We were doing something really strange...or at least I was...I dunno

These kids were amusing.

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