The Prudential Tower

Short and sweet this one is. It's a really tall building with an observation floor. After we got done with all that, we went to eat at California Pizza Kitchen. Awesome food, if you have the opportunity to, eat there. Fabulous mushrooms. Well we twaddled around a bit on the top floor and poked our heads in the restaurant. I did take a couple pictures, and one last picture that finished off the first day in Boston.

That thing behind me? It's all these numerous facts about Boston. Or people from Boston. Or things Boston did first. You can't really read any of the things on there, but hey, it's the thought that counts!

The first super-posed pic of the trip! Do you see me? I see me. I can't even tell who everyone is. oh well. 

Kyle was wearing grinch socks. And he wore that jersey almost every single day. But he never wore a jacket. Is that dumb, or is that just me? um, I think that's dumb.

I know this was taken the first night, but I'm not quite sure when. I think it's at the California Pizza Kitchen. I fell in love with Britta's hat, and couldn't stop wearing it. It's way cute :) but that finished me off for the day. That sweatshirt makes me think of gum. 

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