Hard Rock and Blue Man

The night of the 27th, which was Latesha's birthday, we went out to Hard Rock Cafe, followed by an incredible night of entertainment provided by the Blue Man group. It was really really fun. I did take a couple of pictures at Hard Rock. When we were there, they played a bunch of awesome songs. First, they played "Time Warp" from Rocky Horror Picture Show, which immediately made me think of Maddi. The next song they played really topped the night though...they played "Old Time Rock 'n Roll"...I was holding in my laughter so hard I had tears in my eyes. If only Melissa had been there to share my vision of Rob in combat boots, boxers and a robe with a skateboard from Parody Movie...Jesi didn't seem to find it as funny as I did. Anyways. Pictures, lol. We weren't allowed to take any at Blue Man.

The lions were cool. This is the one on the right.

And this is the one on the left, lol. I really want one of those. I'd put it on the front porch, and be like, hey, this is my lion, wanna mess with it? I don't think so!

After we left Hard Rock, we ran, and I mean literally RAN or power walked to Blue Man. We had a few problems, took some wrong turns, and almost got lost. But T got us there in time and we weren't late for the show. The Blue Man Group is absolutely amazing. They play a bunch of there own music, they make messes with paint, chew huge amounts of gum, and use the oddest analogies. Like emotion-biscuit. Overall, everyone enjoyed it a lot. There was even a huge toilet papering party thing at the end inside the theater. And, you got to get your picture taken with the Blue Men. At least, two of them anyways.

Yes, they are real. That finished us off for the day.

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