*A to the Y, the Mac Mama is taking over!!!!!!!!*

Beale Street in Memphis, TN. I'm ready to go out and conquer the world baby!

P.S. I ramble.


I just got home from Crew camp in Madison yesterday, and I had the best time I've probably ever had that was with people other than my friends. I love rowing, it's the best sport in the world, it's even better than swimming. Although, my whole body is ridiculously sore, I have blisters all over my hands and ankles, and one really bad one in the fold of my middle finger, but I don't care. I'm walking like an old grandma and wincing all the time, but I love it, because I worked my butt off and I accomplished something and it totally rocked.

Tomorrow at Summerfest I'm seeing Something Corporate and I'm SOOO excited, I haven't seen them since freshman year! weee! It'll be a blast. 

The movie Dodgeball is ridiculously funny, you should go see it if you have the chance. 

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June 28th - Something Corporate

July 4th - DUH, and leaving for up north

July 7th - Home from up north

July 8th-11th - with Dad

July 11th - Swim car wash at the SA on Howell, EVERYONE GO!!!!

                -Sarah's Birthday!!!!!!!!

July 20th - THE WARPED TOUR BABY!!!!!!

July 29th-August 1st - Scrapbooking weekend up north

August 1st - Lost Prophets at the Rave

August 3rd - Registration for Senior year...oh boy

August 10th - Mommy's birthday!

August 14th - 18th - with Dad

September 1st - BLINDSIDE!!!!!!! I wanna go so bad


The Scoop:

So. Josh has a girlfriend from Franklin, the traitor, haha but I love him, and she's a sweetheart. 

Prom rocked hardcore. Everyone had a really good time.


"Mass genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to soccer." -Dogma...mmm gotta love those soccer players.

"Elizabeth...I should've told you every day since the moment I met you...I love you." -Will Turner, Pirates of the Caribbean. I love this movie, and Orlando Bloom is the greatest lover in the world.

"My friends, you bow to no one." - LOTR: ROTK

"I think its about time you put your mouth where our balls are." -Dodgeball

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