Lissard: Isn't it a great picture? The back is even better, but you aren't allowed to see that! Monkey toes and secret missions! We will eventually finish all of our stories, and accomplish out ultimate mission. We still have to see Tuck Everlasting. I don't even know what our ultimate mission is anymore...but at least we're almost done with the stories!

Skimaroonie: This is a great picture of her too...I could be mean and put up some of the other one's I have of her, but she has blackmail pictures on me I'll be nice. She's awesome. Alias parties 'til the end! And you know...I think those Twinkies love us, as much as we love(d) them ;) haha. we're good, I promise!

Jim: Still my friend. Still looks like Jason Wade from Lifehouse. Maybe me and Kim are  nuts, but we already knew that, and me and her both know that we ARE SO RIGHT. because I'm always right, because I'm a girl, and guys are always wrong. It's a fact of life. the blonde must die.

Kelly: legs-crossed! haha. Kelly is great, this year she's become one of my best friends. She's hilarious. She might act a little weird sometimes, but she's one of the only people I know who never gets annoying. At least not for me. She's already got her wedding planned right down to who she's going to marry. I get to be the official picture taker yo!

Ami: I'm married to Ami. Her new baby brother was born on my birthday. He's a way cute baby. Ami is a bit of a "wild child" but she's lots of fun to hang out with. When she comes over she talks to my mom almost as much as she talks to me, and we "co-own" my cat Evie because she wanted her, but we took her. When we first met each other we hated each other but I'm really glad we don't anymore and we decided to get married instead, lol. 

Josh: Josh he swims this year thank goodness...he probably wouldn't be too happy if he knew I was putting this up here but he doesn't really have a choice. He probably doesn't realize it, but he's one of the best friends I've got. He's the kind of friend where you can sit and say nothing and that's okay. He's been in my English class two years in a row now, and it's still fun. The last day of 8th grade was the first time he even knew who I was, and by the end of first semester of freshman year, we were close friends. how cool is that? We also go to all the really awesome concerts together, like The All-American Rejects, one of the best shows ever!

Michelle: I met her in Study Hall and we became friends because she tried to lick me. I had so much fun talking to her and all the weird songs she made up. She also likes ducks. And Sk8r Mom. She's in my Biology class now and she thinks the teacher's cute. but shhhhh. Band geeks are great ;)


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