Me and Kim!!!!!

Kim was sleeping over tonight (May 3rd, 2003) and we decided that we were going to go through my closet and put on my clothes and take pictures of us doing various odd poses and in certain "moods." This is almost as crazy as the Handshake of Boston. But...we did stay somewhat sane. The stuff in parentheses is Kim's commentary.


Kim sporting my red velvet shirt and pinstripe pants. hott stuff huh? (I look like...devilly/catwoman)

Me and my awesome black dress and "hooker boots." This would be me if I went goth...sorta. maybe not the boots, but definitely the dress. (sassy!!!!)

Kim has chopsticks in her hair! She looks cuter in my clothes than I do. (I like the skirt.)

Uh...I like the belt, and I look annoyed. (I think you look "Dazed and Confused.")

ow ow!!! she's wearing my boy scout shirt. dig that shirt. pretty :)

I love this picture. this is me in "party mode." I was wearing the pinstripe pants underneath and my big silver shoes. If I ever go to Mardi Gras, that is what I am wearing. (I love it!)

Look at her she's Sandra Dee!!! doesn't the dress look cool? Kim is cute :) (Sandra Dee!!!!! Grease!!!!!)

This was the only one we took outside, and this is the "typical" teenage mopey angsty girl picture, but it looks cool. (Broken-hearted girl at the park picture.)

I'm just a bundle of energy. That is so not my stomach. that looks skinny. :-P

This picture is so cool. This was supposed to be our "dark and tortured" look, and it's awesome. I'm gonna make it an LJ icon for her. (This is my favorite one.)

We ended up taking two, but the first one wasn't as good, so this is me all tangled up in a bunch in my dark clothes. you wouldn't believe what  I was wearing (your body looks like it's jumbled.)

Kim's "slutty" picture. I think she looks cute. (I want the shirt.)

I am a bad school girl. I couldn't resist the photo-op. Looks kinda cute almost. (You're my favorite naughty school girl.)

We were trying to make each other laugh and look "cozy" in this one. To make her laugh, I said "---- as a stripper!!!!" name omitted to protect ourselves. (good times!)

So she tried to make me laugh. "Mr. ---- in a nightie!!!" and of course, who wouldn't laugh? If you want to know which teacher, ask me later, or figure it out for yourself if you are sophomore or older. (I keep seeing him in a red nightie!) I see him in a grandma-nightgown.

She looks like's romantic. (I look dead.)

I look like a star gazer. And I am wearing Kim's pants, and she's wearing mine and we traded them for Monday at school. (All you need is a meadow and daisies and it would be perfect.)

This is my favorite picture, I think it looks so cool. She's standing on the toilet in the downstairs bathroom, and looks totally boxed in, it is so awesome. (Cool.)

I look so evil...It's weird for me to see myself like that. (perfect publicity shot.)

and out the door she goes!

I love those sunglasses. (J-Lo!)

The boredom of being a teenager. (I look sleepy.)

Oh...I am so wistful. (Sleeping Beauty.)

Good picture of Kim. pleasant :) (I look like such a good girl.)

I want to make this one my LJ picture, I look so...I can't even think of it. (You look like you're staring at Jim.)

And here's us after all the madness! we're adorable, can't you tell? I could never have done that with any of my other friends and we had such a blast. (A smile only you could love! full frontal Vaughn!!!!!!)


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